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Name: Miss Kateryn Elyzabet (it's Celtic..), but most call me Kate or Katie
Age: 17
Where is your estate? Brandon, MS
Are you single or married? unwed

May we enquire after your family? I have a father and a mother who are both very agreeable. I have an older sister named Jen, who recently became engaged.
What are your accomplishments? Saludatorian of the class of 2007, drum-major, 1st chair trumpet, President of the Spanish Club, President of Mu Alpha Theta, Sabre Guard Commander in Army JROTC. I play the piano and flute as well.
What are your feelings on dancing? It is a spectacular diversion. I partook in ballet for a few years, now I attend salsa lessons.
What think you of books? I am forever found in them. I crave pages. Currently I am reading The Once And Future King for the third time.
How would you react to a slight against either yourself or your family/acquaintances? It truly depends on what the slight was. If it were merely a misunderstanding of words or slander, I might overlook it. If the slight included somehow offending the feelings of my family or acquaintance, I might have to confront the slighter.
Do you consider the forms of introduction, and the stress that is laid upon them, as nonsense? Yes. Completely so. You can meet someone anywhere and at anytime. There should not be such rules constricting your expression.
The country is a vast deal pleasanter (than the town), is it not? Oh, yes. I love escaping upon horseback or being able to stay up at dusk and watch the stars come out.
Tell us something of your character: I'm a rather quiet-type. Bookish and nerdy. I love the outdoors, but I hate bugs. I'm a little Bohemian and a little hippie, but also a little modern. I'm a vegetarian and I speak my mind clearly.. but usually only if I know you pretty well.
Are you consulting your own feelings in the present application, or do you imagine that you are gratifying ours? My own. Honesty is, after all, the best policy. Is it not?

Which character would you most like to be considered similar to? Elizabeth
Which character do you truly feel that you are most similar to? Mary
You may include a picture of yourself, provided that you are appropriately attired to be viewed in company.

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