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Where is your estate? Ma
Are you single or married?single

May we enquire after your family? My family consist of two older brothers, mother and father
What are your accomplishments?I love reading, I play the piano, I paint, I do theater, and I sing somehwat
What are your feelings on dancing?Best way of getting to know someone better
What think you of books?I adore books
How would you react to a slight against either yourself or your family/acquaintances? I would be infuriated
Do you consider the forms of introduction, and the stress that is laid upon them, as nonsense? I do not
The country is a vast deal pleasanter (than the town), is it not?Country is just wonderful and i rather be in nature walking but town can be rather invigorating. A good place to meet a new acquaintance
Tell us something of your character: I am a free spirit. I love witty converstaions and literature
Are you consulting your own feelings in the present application, or do you imagine that you are gratifying ours? These are my real fellings which i face everyday

Which character would you most like to be considered similar to? Elizabeth Bennet
Which character do you truly feel that you are most similar to?Elizabeth Bennet with a little mary within
You may include a picture of yourself, provided that you are appropriately attired to be viewed in company.

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