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1stximpressions's Journal

Pride and Prejudice Rating Community
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In the spirit of the hundreds of anime rating communities on LJ, we bring you Pride and Prejudice Rating, where we aim to establish which character other readers consider you most similar to.
(This community is still a work in progress...)


I. Bitching will cause removal. This includes, but is not limited to, "OMG Jane AuSTIN is SERIUS LITRTURE HOW DARE YOU?!", "You are teh UGLY", and "I am so totally not Lydia!!1!" type posts/comments. Subtly veiled petit-borguoise sniping is tolerable in appropriate circumstances.

II. Although Austen's inimitable writing style leaves little doubt as to whom she considered 'good' and 'bad' characters, please have historical perspective. Mrs Bennet, Lydia, Mary etc can all be interpreted as rebelling in their own ways against the oppressive patriachal attitudes of the time, i.e. they should not be considered un-voteables. Mr. Collins on the other hand...

III. Vote on other people!

IV. Promote the community, please.

V. Enter into the spirit of the community. That means using punctuation/grammar and avoiding n37Sp34K. Etiquette would be appreciated.

Application form: please copy, paste, and fill it out. (If you leave the tags as they are, the formatting should be correct).

Voting choices/characters:
•Mr. Bennet*
•Mrs. Bennet*
•Mr. Gardiner/Mrs. Gardiner
•Mrs. Philips
•Mr. Collins
Catherine (Kitty)*
•Mr. (George) Wickham*
•Lady Catherine de Bourgh
•Colonel Fitzwilliam
•Mr (Fitzwilliam) Darcy*
•Georgiana Darcy*
•Sir William Lucas
•Lady Lucas
•Charlotte Lucas*
•Maria Lucas
•Mr. Bingley*
•Caroline Bingley
•Mr. Hurst
•Mrs. Louisa Hurst
•Colonel Forster
•Mrs. (Harriet) Forster
•Mr. Denny
•Mr. Sanderson

(*=stamp is already available, others are in progress). Stamps are made using images from the BBC/A&E miniseries adaptation.

The graphics (for background and stamps) have been taken from here.