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Don't insult my Pride - or you shall invoke my Prejudice

Name: Jessica
Age: 16
Where is your estate? Wallingford, CT
Are you single or married? Quite single

May we enquire after your family? I have a rather overbearing mother with a fun and charming suitor and an unruly younger brother. The rest of my family is rather large and boisterous (with several unruly and disgraceful cousins to speak of), but I love them anyway.
What are your accomplishments? I have been playing violin for eight years. I am a copyrighted author with a thousand ideas floating around my head. I am a lead lawyer in mock trial and take part in my school plays.
What are your feelings on dancing? I’m not fond of it, unless my partner is enjoyable and amusing. I hate to be bored and absolutely hate quiet, I like to talk when I dance.
What think you of books? I love them. I read constantly and can’t get enough of them. My favorites are by Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Gaston Leroux.
How would you react to a slight against either yourself or your family/acquaintances? I get very angry at people who slander my family. I love them very much and usually take it upon myself to correct them. I won’t have people slander myself either and I do hold grudges, so they’re not likely to get in my good company again.
Do you consider the forms of introduction, and the stress that is laid upon them, as nonsense? I find a first impression to be very important. One can never get that image out of their head and it follows you around. It's best to make a good appearance or it is hard to get in the good company of others, although, I find myself much easier to like upon a second or third acquaintance.
The country is a vast deal pleasanter (than the town), is it not? I prefer town actually. There’s a great deal more to do. However, I can stand the country when subjected, as long as I can walk through it.
Tell us something of your character: I’m a confidant girl and I know what I want. I don’t settle for anything and I am always taking care of those closest to me. Family comes first before anyone else, and if you dare upset my family I would personally take it upon myself to handle it in any way I can.
Are you consulting your own feelings in the present application, or do you imagine that you are gratifying ours? I believe I’m presenting myself as I am. I’m

Which character would you most like to be considered similar to? I believe any young woman would say Miss Elisabeth.
Which character do you truly feel that you are most similar to? I haven’t a clue, I would really like to have everyone else give a clear perspective, rather than make myself obvious in any choice.

You may include a picture of yourself, provided that you are appropriately attired to be viewed in company.
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A mix between Elizabeth and Kitty I think. Plus you look like Elizabeth kinda.
I think Caroline Bingley.. a litle bit of Kitty, too. ;)